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Our story in one sense began in  March of 2014 when our second beautiful baby girl was born having hundreds of seizures a day.  This was unexpected and completely shattered our hearts. This wasn't how we imagined our life would be for our daughter or our family.  Watching your daughter have over four hundred seizures a day is heartbreaking and takes your breath away both in the moment and when facing the future. We were faced with two choices: sit there and feel sorry for ourselves and our daughter, depressed and consumed with what we didn't have and the suffering our daughter must endure, or we could make the best of the situation, appreciate life, and seek out the Joy that fills everyday life even in the darkest of days. Making that decision is when our story really began.  

And so this is our story.  It is about living a choatic, messy, complicated life filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, celebrations and disappointments, life and loss, and recognizing that each of these things are not mutally exlcusive of the other, all can co-exist together, and most of all can co-exist in a life that ultimatly is surrounded by Joy.  We laugh, we cry, we worry, we have anxiety, we agonize over decisions we have to make, and most days we are exhausted, but we are living life a day at a time (sometimes an hour at a time) and finding joy in not only the extroidonary moments, but the ordinary every day moments that fill our choatic, messy days.  Charlotte has taught us the meaning of Joy and we hope that our story inspires you to find and Seize your Joy.

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